Saturday, December 02, 2006


Dear Friends,

Nothing that the people of the United States can do will ever “fix” the Bush administration’s disastrous invasion of Iraq.

However, America’s founders did provide a mechanism for dealing with disastrous leaders, and millions of Americans (and perhaps billions of people around the world) believe that to salvage a shred of global credibility the USA cannot continue with Bush and Cheney at the helm. If you share this belief, as I do, you will be interested in the official United States Park Service permit which is right now sticking up out of my shirt pocket like a small white flag.

It is a permit to hold an impeachment event on Sunday, December 10, 2006 (designated National Impeachment Day by and others), at Ocean Beach in San Francisco. The San Francisco region has given birth to a long list of movements: the Free Speech Movement, the hippie revolution, the human potential movement, the internet… The United Nations charter was signed in San Francisco after World War II. There is certainly no reason why the impeachment movement can’t flourish here -- in the November elections 19,000 voters in Berkeley and another 91,000 in San Francisco passed Impeach-Bush-and-Cheney resolutions.

The Park Service permit allows for up to 1,200 people to gather on Ocean Beach on December 10. Early that morning I will outline in the sand in 100-foot letters the message:

I M P E A C H !

At 11 a.m. a helicopter with a photographer onboard will appear overhead for a few minutes, during which all attendees (including me – including you?) will lay down in the sand, inside the lettering, voting not just with their hands or their feet but with their entire bodies.

My intention is that the resulting photographs -- with 1,200 bodies spelling out “IMPEACH!” in the foreground, with the San Francisco skyline and Golden Gate Bridge in the background -- will be vivid and memorable and will go worldwide. They will give the impeachment movement, which so far has been mostly a swirl of words and chatter, a much needed visual, will give it focus the same way that photos of Earth taken from space gave focus to the environmental movement.

Want to be part of this? Want to help send a message from the backyard of Speaker of the House-elect Nancy Pelosi, that impeachment is very much “on the table”; that America and the world have had enough of the Bush-Cheney administration; and that if they won’t simply resign, we must exercise our constitutional duty and impeach them.

You are most invited, and you would be helping me greatly by registering so that we know how many people to expect. To register, please go to, hit the 'signup' link at the top of the page, and follow the easy steps.

Any questions, please email me.

Thank you,


For updates, photos, and for more information please visit my blog:

to see a You Tube video of the November 11 "run-through" of this event, see:


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