Thursday, December 14, 2006


SATURDAY, JANUARY 6 is the new date for the Beach Impeach Project event at Ocean Beach in San Francisco (please arrive by 10:30 a.m.)

The website is being reworked and updated to reflect the new reality.

Please invite your circle of people to REGISTER. Registering allows me to communicate to all participants by sending just ONE email; and also, when we're fully subscribed, will allow me to tell the media (who INDEED ARE interested in this event), "We have 1,200 people registered for an impeachment event two days after the new Congress convenes." All of which gives us a chance of nudging events in the direction we want to see them go...

To register, please:

-- go to
-- hit "View the event calendar"
-- go down to "Saturday 1/6/07 -- Beach Impeach Project" (we're the day's only event)
-- follow the signup directions (takes about 60 seconds)

Thank you!

Any questions, please email or phone the organizer, me, Brad, at the address and number listed at

Thank you, and stay tuned.



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